Speed, Control, and Insight: What’s New in Veeva Vault 18R3

Veeva Vault 18R3 is all about speed, control, and insight. New capabilities will help brand managers distribute digital content faster, while ensuring compliance even post-withdrawal – on any public website. For operations and regulatory teams, new enhancements will help teams manage an increasingly complex content landscape. I’m sharing some key highlights for the business, to realize more value from their digital content foundation.

With 18R3, we are doubling-down on digital with the Vault Digital Publishing capability. Vault Digital Publishing is a fundamental shift in managing digital content distribution.

Gone are the days of separate “adapters” for each and every channel technology used to engage customers. Vault Digital Publishing provides a technology-agnostic means to publish content directly in-channel.

Vault Digital Publishing

Publish content directly from Vault to the web with Vault Digital Publishing.

Powered by Amazon CloudFront CDN, Vault Digital Publishing gets content to the customer fast, while Vault PromoMats continues to provide the compliant single point of control.

But it doesn’t stop with speed and control. We are also truly closing the loop with digital insight. Content performance analytics are available right in Vault PromoMats. You can now directly report on how content is consumed against how it’s classified in the system – any field, including brand or country.

Content Performance Analytics

Content performance analytics are available to marketers and brand managers right in their DAM.

Content owners have a simple way to get a single view of all their brand-related content across all geographies and channels. In other words, we are surfacing the information for content owners directly at the point of need in Vault.

And we’re not just making this available for materials distributed through Vault Digital Publishing. You can use this reporting today to see who’s viewing, downloading, and copying content, and slice and dice the information by user, product, country, agency, and so on. This insight helps uncover and analyze drivers of reuse.

Document Usage

Get insight into how documents are used organizationally.

With all these great digital enhancements, though, we still haven’t taken our focus off the core MLR process. We recognize that increasing content volume and global regulations mean it’s imperative for operations teams to move faster and enhance control. To this end, we’re building more process management capabilities into Vault PromoMats, freeing time up from manual tasks. One great example of this is the latest ability to calculate due dates automatically based on the document.

Document Usage

Automatically calculating due dates removes manual work from content approvals.

Finally, we’re happy to announce availability of one of the highest requested features from our most sophisticated customers. Advanced Field Security provides granular control of every document attribute based on role and status. This absolutely ensures that only the right people have access based on where they are in the process.

Field Dependencies in Vault

Advanced Field Security enables companies to define which users have access to critical fields in different steps of the review process.

Thanks again for partnering with Veeva. Check out the resources in the 18R3 release kit for more info on what’s new in this release. And as always, reach out to your customer success manager with any questions, or feel free to ask a question in the Veeva Support Portal. We’d love to hear from you.

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