The Importance of Leveraging EDC and CTMS Connections

Setting up and managing a clinical trial is no small feat. It requires the coordination of countless resources to orchestrate a wide range of tedious tasks, both simple and complex. From site set up and qualification to patient enrollment and drug supply, it is crucial to minimize redundant activities to ensure quality and efficiency.

The industry has spent decades working to deliver the ultimate eClinical solution. However, in most scenarios, this required complicated integration mappings between disparate systems to achieve the desired outcome. In many instances, this approach has led to missing, incomplete, or inaccurate data, resulting in significant efforts around investigation, reconciliation, and rework.

The Vault Clinical Operations to CDMS Connection removes these fragile, point-to-point integrations and simplifies the bi-directional movement of data from EDC and CTMS. The productized connection is designed for performance, durability, and user forgiveness in a highly transactional environment.

Specific data such as study, country, and sites move from Vault CTMS to Vault EDC while visit definitions, subjects, subject status, subject visits, procedures, and protocol deviations move from EDC to CTMS. This automation eliminates the need for duplicate data entry across both systems. In addition, the connection removes the need to run status, enrollment, procedure, or payment reports in EDC since the data freely flows into CTMS and Payments. Most importantly, data managers (DMs) and clinical research associates (CRAs) each have a single source for their data, reducing data reconciliation and queries.

With very minimal configuration to address study-specific requirements, the Vault Clinical Operations to CDMS Connection enables downstream processes. Critical study execution data is available when you need it and where you need it. This allows CRAs to monitor data more easily, understand patient status without logging into EDC, and reduces the effort of creating a monitoring report and viewing protocol deviations in CTMS. Meanwhile, data managers no longer need to set up countries and sites in EDC.

By delivering truly connected EDC and CTMS applications sponsors and CROs can more efficiently manage clinical trials. This allows the focus to shift from ensuring data quality to trusting the data, making the right decisions, and acting on them, resulting in better trial outcomes.

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