The Path to Unified Clinical: The Idorsia Story

After its founding in 2017, Idorsia Pharmaceuticals found itself in a unique position – needing to design and implement a new clinical systems landscape from the ground up. The catch? They needed to get up and running within one year.

They did it in half that.

“We started with a clean piece of paper, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” says Idorsia’s Associate Director of Clinical and Quality Systems Simone Mechler, “We had a clear strategy and knew that a single platform approach would best support our needs for speed, usability, and compliance.”

Prior to implementing Veeva Vault Clinical Suite, Idorsia had a patchwork of individual systems that made it difficult for study teams to work efficiently. “End users needed to learn different systems instead of focusing on their day job. It added time, effort, and complexity to running trials.”

With Vault CTMS and eTMF, Idorsia has unified its clinical systems and processes. Study teams log into one system across their clinical processes, streamlining workflows and improving productivity. A single source of truth for all study and operational data provides the visibility needed to effectively manage global studies. The speed of the implementation was an added benefit.

“We wouldn’t have managed the timelines and the scope if we hadn’t gone for a unified suite approach,” continues Simone, “It allowed us to get up to speed very quickly. This was critical for our short timeframe.”

See how Vault Clinical Operations unifies the site initiation process and streamlines communications between start-up and site monitoring teams.