Three Reasons to Attend the Digital Asset Management for Life Sciences Forum

From conferences to symposiums and user groups, there are no shortage of industry events focused on digital asset management. The trouble with these events is that they are often focused on non-regulated industries so the learnings are not transferable to the challenges facing life sciences professionals.

Until now….

On October 26, 2017 eighty life sciences professionals will converge on Philadelphia for the Digital Asset Management for Life Sciences Forum – the first, and only industry event dedicated to digital asset management for life sciences organizations.

Here are the top three reasons to attend:

1.The Lineup
We’ve compiled an experienced panel of speakers from Bayer, Merck, GSK, and Pfizer, as well as leading DAM experts who have first-hand experience with DAM for life sciences organizations. They’ll cover everything from creating a content marketing factory and using DAM to manage modular content, to usage rights, and how to successfully implement a DAM.

2.The Learning
As the volume of digital content continues to rise, managing assets while maintaining compliance with industry regulations remains a top priority for organizations. We’ll discuss trends in content marketing for life sciences, review case studies, and examine the latest thinking and direction for DAM. Whether you have implemented a DAM, are just starting to explore the benefits of a DAM, or are looking for best practices, you will take away valuable insights.

3.The Networking
Since this is the only event dedicated to DAM for life sciences, you will be in a forum of peers where you will have the opportunity to meet individuals who understands the nuances and unique challenges of marketing, content management, and digital asset management in a complex regulatory environment. We’ll provide an intimate and unique environment to share experiences and build long-lasting connections.

Learn more about the Digital Asset Management for Life Sciences forum here.