Transforming digital events for an immersive experience

Pharma sponsored events have declined nearly 75% since the start of the COVID. Events are finally regaining momentum as companies have accelerated their adoption of digital programs to host virtual events at scale. However, one of the most significant challenges is the lack of benchmark: what does good look like? How do you create an immersive experience with HCPs online?

HCPs are currently overwhelmed with information. They are looking for a trusted source to provide the information they need. Here are the five key considerations for executing an immersive event experience:

  1. Rethink the format of your events: have a few well-architected event types, including live, virtual, and hybrid – shorter and more targeted events will improve overall engagement.
  2. Elevate your content: the quality of your content will impact the level of engagement from your attendees. Consider new ways to deliver relevant insights – e.g., gamification, immersive content, extended reality, etc.
  3. Know your audience: have a quality database that tracks your audience’s engagement and interest so you can promote your event effectively.
  4. Get good virtual speakers: find technically savvy speakers who can articulate content concisely and directly engage with the audience.
  5. Enable your reps to engage with HCPs in a scalable, compliant way: networking and engagement are intentional efforts in the digital world. Leverage technology that will help streamline and minimize compliance risks so that your reps can actively engage and manage communication at scale.

Attendees will increase engagement if you offer shorter, more frequent, and directly relevant content. Enable reps to promote your events with HCPs and provide networking opportunities to create an immersive experience. Take this opportunity to proactively transform your digital event strategy so that you increase engagement with HCPs.

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