Customer Reference Data
Survey Report

New industry-wide research on biopharma's progress, drivers, and impact in improving customer data.

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Industry Need for Better Data Quality

Findings show that industry is not satisfied with the quality of their data. The largest percentage of respondents (66%) report some level of dissatisfaction with the quality of the data from their organization’s primary customer reference data provider.

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Sales and Customer Engagement Key Drivers for Data Initiatives

A real-time view of the customer is a top customer reference data priority for 66% of respondents. Respondents also cited managing sales execution (55%), enabling multichannel engagement (51%), and maintaining compliance (50%) as high priorities for data initiatives.

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Nearly all those surveyed (89%) identified customer reference data as a strategic asset to their organization.
Affiliations & Hierarchy Data Critical for Sales Initiatives

Organizations said they use or plan to use affiliations and hierarchy data to implement key account selling models (89%) and specialty sales models (89%), as well as to calculate incentive compensation (74%).

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Major Drivers for Customer Reference Data Quality Improvement

Most respondents cited the need to improve targeting, segmentation and alignment (69%), as well as customer insight (53%) as reasons for their quality improvement initiative.

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The majority of those surveyed (71%) have a customer reference data initiative underway or will implement one within the next six months.