Adopted agile approach to increase value and speed
Established discovery action teams to drive new capabilities
Expanded Vault user base from 300 to about 5,000 in two years

Eli Lilly implemented Veeva Vault RIM with an initial focus on streamlining CMC post-approval submissions. The top pharma company used the traditional waterfall method to manage its first two releases but quickly realized the need to deliver more capabilities and business value at greater speed.

Agile Practices and Processes

Lilly pivoted to an agile project management approach, replacing one major release a year with three incremental ones. The faster release cadence allowed them to address new user needs sooner while sticking to set milestone dates. In parallel, Lilly established Discovery Action Teams to define and refine the capabilities in each release cycle. These teams were trained on Vault RIM and had access to a sandbox with appropriate data so they could accurately document business use cases and requirements.

In addition, Lilly enabled an accelerated timeline by improving multiple underlying processes, including requirements definition, release management, configuration, testing, and end user communication. They set up weekly reviews and dashboards to raise and quickly resolve any technical, resource, or scope issues. They also instituted end-to-end walkthroughs ahead of configuration lock to minimize rework delays.

Roadmap Acceleration

Since adopting an agile approach, Lilly dramatically reduced the time required to deploy Vault RIM capabilities. In a two-year period, the company delivered six releases, added support for more roles and submission types, and expanded the number of Vault RIM users from 300 to 5,000. Paula Hudson, RIM Program Leader, says, “The agile approach was instrumental in implementing the full scope of our capabilities in Vault RIM and achieving that value in our end-to-end regulatory submission management processes.”

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