Greater Visibility and Simplicity
in Pharmacovigilance Reporting

NAMSA shares how they’re increasing customer alignment
and providing a higher level of service for clients.

Customer Story: NAMSA

Business Impact with a Modern Pharmacovigilance Solution

Jennifer Kratz, Director of Safety Services at NAMSA, shares how they’re enabling transparency and oversight, seamlessly working virtually from anywhere, and providing better safety services to pharma and biotech companies.

Enabling Flexible Pharmacovigilance Outsourcing Models

NAMSA shares how they’re enabling internal and external user access to collaborate on the same PV system.

Better User Experience

NAMSA shares the benefits of an intuitive and user-friendly solution that streamlines pharmacovigilance processes and makes training new and existing users faster.

Easily Supporting Customers

NAMSA can easily configure processes for each client, have more efficient workflows, and easily setup new clients/studies

Stay Current with New Regulations and Technology Innovation

NAMSA is now automatically upgrading three times a year and staying current with regulatory requirements.

Providing a Higher Level of Client Service

With a unified solution, NAMSA is streamlining pharmacovigilance processes and can more quickly respond to requests.

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*Clinlogix was acquired by NAMSA in 2021