Harnessing Technology to Improve Patient Care

Companies in the life sciences market often struggle to keep up with the latest technologies available to better treat patients, improve efficiency and boost profitability. It’s easy to fall behind.
That’s where digitalization comes in. The idea here is to exploit technology to change a business model to yield new revenue and opportunities.

Artificial intelligence, for instance, is now being used to perform initial analysis of adverse events and to process and identify complaints faster. In the fast-advancing field of personalized medicine, computer software captures huge amounts of data to better predict outcomes and treat rare diseases. That makes access to this data – and its security – crucial.

Better patient care is one major element driving these changes. The other is pressure from government and consumers for better price transparency – and cost control.

The result: Companies scrambling to reduce costs throughout the supply chain and find efficiencies that have so far eluded them. Veeva’s unified suite of quality applications helps life sciences companies connect systems throughout the supply chain for greater efficiency, compliance and quality of care.

PwC can help companies shift emphasis from a compliance-based system to a system that is patient- and product-focused. In a presentation on September 9, PwC’s JP Zonnenberg will describe the future of quality management and the steps companies can take to thrive in the new digital realm.

That includes new operating models that ensure patient-centric quality and digital tools to constantly monitor and improve quality processes. It also means leveraging new technologies to automate the manufacturing and laboratory processes, as well as shifting testing out of the lab to the shop floor or warehouse.

Many companies have only begun to explore frontiers of digitalization. Yes, they have digitalized records and processes – in other words, they’ve converted paper to digital bits. But that’s only the start of an often-treacherous journey to digital success.

Join PwC and Bristol Myers Squibb on September 9 at 3:45pm – 4:30pm to learn more about transforming the role of quality with digitalization.

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