Eliminating Data Restrictions for Life Sciences

The Latest on Veeva’s Ongoing Lawsuit with IQVIA

Life sciences companies should have the freedom to choose the software and data products that meet their business needs without restriction. Choice is good for the market and beneficial for customers.

Veeva and IQVIA have software and data products that compete. IQVIA prevents customers from loading IQVIA OneKey and other IQVIA reference data products into certain Veeva software products (MDM and data warehouse) but not others (CRM). We believe IQVIA’s actions are arbitrary, anti-competitive and harm the industry by raising costs, limiting choice and slowing innovation.

In March 2017, after three years of trying to find an amicable resolution, Veeva filed a lawsuit against IQVIA to end the long history of anti-competitive behavior and eliminate unfair data restrictions for the life sciences industry. The timeline below summarizes the facts of the case as well as the expected trial date.

Veeva is committed to pursuing this case to resolution, on your behalf. It is our sincere hope that a favorable ruling for Veeva will solve data restrictions for the industry, once and for all. Until then, we will keep this page up to date so that you always have the latest information on the status of this case.

Early 2007 Veeva founded; launches Veeva CRM
2007 to 2014 IMS and Cegedim sign TPAs to allow customers to use IMS reference data and Cegedim OneKey in Veeva CRM
Early 2014 Veeva launches Veeva Network (MDM) and OpenData (customer reference data)
Early 2014 Cegedim signs TPAs to allow customers to use Cegedim OneKey in Veeva Network
Mid 2014 IMS refuses to sign TPAs to allow use of IMS reference data in Veeva Network
Mid 2014 IMS announces acquisition of Cegedim
Late 2014 Cegedim changes policy, refuses to sign TPA for use of Cegedim OneKey in Veeva Network
Mid 2015 IMS acquisition of Cegedim is finalized
Mid 2016 IMS merges with Quintiles to form Quintiles IMS, later changes name to IQVIA
Fall 2016 Veeva exhausts all avenues for negotiated resolution, decides to prepare for a lawsuit
Jan 2017 IQVIA files a “trade secret” lawsuit claiming Veeva is stealing IQVIA customer reference data. We believe this lawsuit was filed to justify and protect their anticompetitive behavior
March 2017 Veeva sues IQVIA for violations of federal and state antitrust laws
Mid 2018 Veeva announces Veeva Nitro (data warehouse built on Amazon Redshift)
Mid 2018 IQVIA restricts use of customer reference data in Veeva Nitro
Late 2018 Judge rules against IQVIA motion to dismiss, ruling that all Veeva antitrust claims can proceed (judge’s opinion can be found here)
Mid 2020 Expected trial date for antitrust lawsuit
Mid 2020 Expected TPA relief if IQVIA is found to have violated antitrust laws

If you are an IQVIA OneKey customer wishing to use Veeva Network or Veeva Nitro today and are facing these TPA restrictions, you should consider switching to Veeva OpenData or any reference data set provider other than IQVIA.