Eliminating Data Restrictions for Life Sciences

The Latest on Veeva’s Antitrust Lawsuit Against IQVIA

Life sciences companies should have the freedom to choose the software and data products that meet their business needs without restriction. Choice is good for the market and beneficial for customers.

Veeva and IQVIA have software and data products that compete. IQVIA prevents customers from loading IQVIA data products into certain Veeva software products including Network, Nitro and other Veeva software products. We believe IQVIA’s anti-competitive actions harm the industry by raising costs, limiting choice, and slowing innovation, which is ultimately bad for patients.

In March 2017, after three years of trying to find an amicable resolution, Veeva filed a lawsuit against IQVIA to end the long history of anti-competitive behavior and eliminate unfair data restrictions for the life sciences industry.

Current status
  • Discovery is closed and a trial date has been set for February 2025. However, the scope of trial has not been finalized and we expect a ruling on that topic soon.
  • We are confident in our case and believe we will win, but there is no guarantee.
What happens if Veeva wins?
  • A favorable ruling would serve as a precedent that would deter IQVIA from being abusive with their TPA policies in the future.
What happens if IQVIA wins?
  • Things could remain as they are today unless further customer pressure can convince IQVIA to change their behavior.
What should customers do?
  • Voice concerns to the IQVIA management team, including the IQVIA CEO, as the IQVIA CEO is the decision maker on this matter.
  • Don’t give IQVIA new business if they continue with current policies that harm the industry.
  • Consider alternative suppliers for existing IQVIA business over time.

IQVIA issued a misleading press release on May 10, 2021 about a recent procedural ruling in the lawsuit. What does that mean and what is Veeva’s response?

We will keep this page up to date so that you always have the latest information on the status.

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