Valiance Partners

Veeva Diamond Sponsor Valiance is a data migration specialist, providing customers with a proven combination of technology and methodology that helps companies migrate critical GxP data and content. Migration InSight and the TRUseries of migration, data verification, and job management tools combine to make a unique offering for Veeva clients that ensures a compliant, on-time, on-budget migration from their legacy technology to any Vault modules. Migration InSight defines migration best practices with Valiance’s TRUcompare software for pre-migration testing, to determine how well the legacy system data and content fits into Vault applications. TRUcompare then eliminates the uncertainty of sample-based testing techniques for post-migration testing, by introducing 100% automated verification of migrated data and content. It has been used successfully by many Veeva clients. The TRUseries — TRUmigrate, TRUcompare & TRUconsole — are automated tools that manage the complexities of migration jobs for both the SMB market and the largest data and content migrations Veeva clients have undertaken.