Take a Stand to Protect Employees’ Basic Rights

Non-compete agreements, and overly broad confidentiality, and non-disparagement agreements are bad for everyone – employees, companies, and the economy. Join us and take a stand against these abusive employee agreements.

We are calling on business leaders to no longer ask employees to sign a non-compete or overly broad confidentiality and non-disparagement agreements.

There is a growing movement throughout the country to limit the use of restrictive employee agreements. But we need to do more. So Veeva is taking action against unfair business practices that limit employee rights.

Many companies use non-competes and overly broad confidentiality and non-disparagement agreements within their standard terms of employment. These agreements undermine competitiveness in the market and exploit people by restricting their ability to move between jobs.

These agreements infringe people’s basic rights and stifle economic growth.

Every employee has the responsibility to return all data to their former employer and never share confidential information. Non-compete and agreements and overly broad confidentiality and non-disparagement agreements are an overreaction to this concern and consequently, often abusive.

Employees typically sign them unknowingly as a condition of employment and later realize they cannot pursue new opportunities in their field of expertise. These agreements strip an individual of their bargaining power to earn and provide for their families and, ultimately, harm careers.

When employees are unrestricted to pursue success, innovation and growth are accelerated. Everyone benefits – employees, companies, and the economy at large.

Help break the cycle and take a stand – sign the pledge to support innovation and employees’ basic rights to move freely between jobs.

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