Commercial Cloud: Life Sciences Outlook Through 2020

Four years ago, IBM’s “Watson” supercomputer famously outplayed human competitors on the television game show, Jeopardy. Today, Watson’s power is derived from the cloud and 24 times faster, 2,400 percent smarter, and 90 percent smaller … and, consequently, being put to more practical use. In 2014, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center developed the fi rst Watson-based cognitive computing innovation for oncology – clinicians taught Watson how to process, analyze, and interpret the meaning of complex clinical information. Since then, Watson ingested more than 600,000 pieces of medical evidence and 2 million pages of text from 42 medical journals and clinical trials in the area of oncology research. It also has the power to sift through 1.5 million patient records, representing decades of cancer treatment history, and deliver evidence-based treatment options in a matter of seconds. What else does the cloud, this revolutionary technology, have in store for the life sciences industry?

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