Support Portal Account Request

The purpose of this form is to request a Support Portal account.

This account allows the user to do the following:

  • View all product webinars and product solution articles
  • Post questions & product suggestions to the Product Support Communities
  • Open tickets with Veeva Support


  1. When specifying the Role in this form, select Application User or System/Business Admin.
    • An Application User can open tickets with L1 Support and use the chat feature for CDMS, PromoMats, and SiteVault products.
    • A System/Business Admin can open tickets with Product Support directly but cannot use chat functionality. This requires confirmation from the user's Manager to create the account. (Includes Submissions Publishing)
  2. When entering the Email address, the user must specify a Business email address. Any requests using a generic email address, such as gmail and yahoo, will be rejected.