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The cloud-based suite of deep content management applications built
for the life sciences industry.

Spanning every major part of a life sciences company from R&D to clinical trials to manufacturing, medical communications and marketing, Veeva Vault gives pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical products companies the ability to replace dozens of separate content management applications with a single solution globally. The result is faster time to market, dramatic cost savings and reduced regulatory risk.

Veeva Vault Applications

Each Veeva Vault application includes deep functionality to meet the business process needs of a specific department of a life sciences company. From an electronic trial master file that study teams actually want to use, to an enterprise-wide quality system that scales globally, Veeva Vault speeds implementations and delivers best practices. Plus, all Veeva Vault applications run on the Vault Platform, the most modern, scalable and secure cloud-based platform available for regulated content management.

Vault PromoMats ensures faster time-to-market and compliance from creation to distribution. It supports easy internal and external collaboration, a built-in digital asset library, MLR review, and single-click multichannel distribution and withdrawal with actionable insight to remove bottlenecks at every stage.
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Vault MedComms provides an efficient way to manage global medical communication content. A common repository supports easy collaboration and version control, and an open API allows integration and accurate fulfillment across all communication channels and geographies.
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Vault Platform is the technology foundation delivering security, performance, and configurability to all Veeva Vault applications. Vault Platform also provides an extensive portfolio of compliance capabilities to help customers manage regulated documents and high-value content of all types. Learn More

Veeva Vault is the first content management platform built from the ground up to meet the rigorous content management requirements of the life sciences industry.