10-minute Veeva CRM Approved Email Crash Course

Reps work hard to build relationships with their customers, and healthcare providers (HCPs) prefer to engage with people they know and trust. In fact, HCPs open only 3% of emails sent from corporate, compared with 35% of emails sent from reps.*

While the rise of digital channels like email has given pharma more ways to reach doctors, it’s increasingly important to create a meaningful, tailored experience.

Veeva CRM Approved Email lets teams send personalized and compliant emails to HCPs to deliver the information they need. Check out these four CRM Approved Email mini-demos to learn how to extend conversations beyond face-to-face and improve customer relationships:

  1. Appointment Reminder Emails
  2. Group Emails
  3. Responsive Emails
  4. Call Objective and Suggestion-driven Emails
1. Appointment Reminder Emails (2 mins) – send your customer a reminder email about an upcoming meeting

2. Group Emails (1.5 mins) – send emails to multiple customers at once

3. Responsive Emails (3 mins) – send your customer follow-up materials or additional information after an in-person meeting

4. Call Objective and Suggestion-driven Emails (4 mins) – send personalized emails based on a customer’s unique preferences

*Veeva internal data

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