Atlantic Research Group (ARG) Improves Clinical Trial Performance with Vault CTMS

As the backbone of clinical trial operations, Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) have one primary goal – to optimize clinical trial performance.

Yet, findings from the Veeva 2018 Unified Clinical Operations Survey show that challenges with current CTMS applications are limiting trial operations for the majority of life sciences companies. Greater visibility, proactive trial management, and better study analytics and reporting are top drivers for clinical operations professionals to improve the use of CTMS.

This is a viewpoint shared by Hunter Walker, chief technology officer at Atlantic Research Group (ARG), a CRO that specializes in managing rare disease clinical trials for multiple sponsors. We had a chance to talk to Hunter in advance of the Veeva R&D Summit where he will share ARG’s vision to unify their clinical landscape and improve trial performance with Vault CTMS.

“We implemented Vault eTMF in 2014,” Hunter recalls. “Based on the success of Vault eTMF, we felt an important step was the addition of Vault CTMS. By unifying the clinical trial landscape, we will streamline workflows, gain greater visibility across the trial lifecycle, and reduce the need to train users on yet another system.”

ARG chose Veeva because of “positive experiences in terms of application performance, documentation, and customer service,” Hunter says. “Vault eTMF has been well received by sponsors and employees– even QA is happy with it.”

Hunter concludes, “After watching Vault eTMF and the Veeva clinical suite evolve, we were convinced that Vault CTMS would follow a similar course and we wanted to be a part of that earlier rather than later.”

Because he oversaw the transition to Veeva Vault clinical applications, Hunter offers a unique perspective on the role of rapidly evolving technology in clinical research studies. He will share how his organization moved from paper-based monitoring and study management spreadsheets to a modern, purpose-built CTMS as part of a panel discussion Veeva R&D Summit in Philadelphia, from September 16-18. Hunter will be joined by Andrew Tummon, director of clinical affairs at Integra Life Sciences, and Ed Leftin, director, clinical services at Ora.

Hunter will detail how the implementation process unfolded, but for now, Hunter says that “it did go according to plan.” He goes on, “It was definitely a bit of a sprint at the end to complete all of the validation script creation, execution, and summary reports. We pushed our Veeva team pretty hard, but they responded well.”

This panel discussion is just one of over 58 sessions and workshops at Veeva R&D Summit featuring insights and experiences from top global life sciences companies. To learn more, click here.

About Hunter Walker
Hunter graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in Biology and an M.S. in Management of Information Technology. Hunter’s early career as a technology expert at a clinical research organization helped him see unique opportunities for cloud-based technology to bring powerful insights to all stakeholders in the clinical trial process. He joined ARG in 2006.