Five Tips for Events Management Success

Events are the second most significant investment for life sciences companies next to the field force. By streamlining and automating the end-to-end events management process, you can ensure compliance, improve customer engagement, and better track return on investment.

Here are five tips on how intelligent and data-driven events management can make your events successful:

1. Leverage interaction data in your CRM

Identify and select attendees and speakers based on a comprehensive range of data in your CRM, including past interactions and preferences. You can then use this data to drive event strategy, topic selection, and content development.

2. Capture walk-ins and then follow up

Conference attendees who turn up without having registered rarely get tracked, so there’s no follow-up. By linking your events management solution to your CRM, you can record walk-ins to make sure all interactions and transfers of value are in the CRM.

3. Risk-proof your end-to-end events process

Events are prone to legal, regulatory, and data privacy risks. Having an end-to-end solution can address risks throughout the entire events process, from speaker and attendee selection, to event execution and close out. Recording information in one solution helps your teams track spending and ensures compliance.

4. Get greater coverage and engagement

Once the event is over, reuse the content to reach an even wider audience. You can leverage other channels such as webinars and compliant emails so those who could not attend in person can engage with your company.

5. Improve future events

Tracking metrics such as the number of attendees is essential to measure your event’s performance. However, don’t forget to gather other qualitative parameters such as attendee feedback through post-event surveys. By doing so, you can capture relevant insights and adjust the content, format, and event type for your next event.

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