Improving Key Opinion Leader Engagement as Healthcare Evolves

As healthcare evolves, effectively engaging the right key stakeholders is more challenging than ever. Building lasting relationships requires navigating complex key opinion leader (KOL) networks, delivering highly specialized information, and deeply understanding KOLs’ sentiments and attitudes. With multiple disparate and incomplete sources of data, however, medical teams have struggled to gain a single view of critical decision-makers.

Veeva KOL Data, now available as a subscription, can provide a single, global source of key stakeholder information for better key opinion leader identification and engagement. The solution maximizes coverage of core stakeholders, delivering a consolidated feed of continuously updated information and unique insights on KOLs around the world. This new approach frees medical teams to focus less on basic KOL research, and more on strategic relationship building.

Seamless integration into multichannel Veeva Medical CRM puts robust KOL profiles at the fingertips of medical teams. Designed specifically for the needs of medical, Veeva Medical CRM provides a tailored, research-focused interface that surfaces the insights medical science liaisons (MSLs) require. Directly in their daily workflow, MSLs see a complete picture of KOLs – including their preferences, relationship networks, and affiliations with healthcare organizations. With this visibility, MSLs can more effectively engage KOLs with the exact information they need at each stage in a drug’s life, through the right channel. And, as an open solution, Veeva Medical CRM can manage any internal or third-party KOL data sources.

Veeva Medical CRM and Veeva KOL Data are available now—read the announcements to learn more.

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