Interrupting This Regularly Scheduled Program with Advances in Linear TV Measurement

While linear TV has always been a strategic advertising channel on its own, many biopharma advertisers are seeing value by using it together with streaming tv and online video for a more holistic approach to tv campaigns. However, not having frequent access to performance data has traditionally made linear TV difficult to optimize – either on its own or within a mixed-media campaign. To extract valuable insights and make meaningful comparisons, advertisers need a standardized approach, consistent metrics, and regular measurement frequency across all channels.

Advances in linear TV measurement

Many marketers have become accustomed to the easy and accessible reporting that digital touchpoints offer. Recent advancements in linear TV measurement build on the benefits of these digital channels. This gives teams data with better transparency, cadence, and speed to make strategic, data-driven decisions. These include:

  1. Full marketing plan view: Advertisers can now quantify and compare all channel data, including linear tv, across a full marketing plan. This makes it simple to move spend within and across media to get the best results.
  2. Weekly cadence: Access to weekly linear TV data points provides increased visibility into campaign performance and identification of trends. Reviewing this data with a regular cadence creates a clear understanding of performance and allows for adjustments in strategy.
  3. Faster access: Traditionally, there has been a time lag in extracting linear TV data. This can make it difficult to be agile. Advertisers can now access linear TV performance data as frequently as digital advertising performance data.

Improved measurement, new opportunities

With better and more frequent data available for linear TV, there is a greater opportunity to leverage this channel and improve media efficiency. While streaming TV has more precise targeting, linear TV is still a valuable channel to reach large audiences. Along with driving broad awareness to acquire new patients, it can also support improved loyalty to health brands. For one endocrinology brand, the ROI for new patient acquisition and adherence together was 55% higher than when the brand only connected the media to new patient starts. Data also suggests that campaigns reaching patients with common or very common health conditions can be well-executed using linear TV.

Those who use linear TV as their main promotional channel now have the opportunity to use this faster and more frequent data to complement ongoing campaigns with digital touchpoints. This can expand reach, reinforce brand messages, and maximize results. Improved visibility into data can also help teams be more efficient with their linear TV spend. Brands that use Veeva Crossix TV see a 5-15% improvement in media value in their first year.

With media planning underway for 2024, linear TV is on everyone’s mind. Advances in measurement and quick and frequent access to performance data are now available to help advertisers maximize linear TV in their marketing mix and get the most out of the channel.

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