Mastering the New Events Environment

Due to COVID-19, we’ve seen a 394%1 increase in virtual events. The accelerated transition to digital has leaders in the life sciences events space asking – what does the post-COVID events environment look like? Bayer discussed how to succeed in this new environment during the Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit Online. The following highlights key takeaways from the conversation.

Incorporating virtual events into a long-term strategy
Bayer’s Shannon Gunther, director of marketing operations, and Kristi Thompson, director of field force effectiveness, address their current and longer-term events strategy. “Virtual is going to be a big component as we look to engage with our customers,” says Gunther. As companies adopt digital channels, it opens a unique opportunity to explore new tactics.

“You should ask yourself what your vision is. You have to evaluate what you currently have but also know the future state,” says Thompson. “You want to look at your tech capabilities, what your partners can provide, and how quickly you can adapt to changes.”

The road back to live events
Even in a post-COVID world, virtual events will continue to play a prominent role. Events will need to support multiple scenarios, including variations of remote participants gathered in an office setting, groups of people in remote sites, and/or individual HCPs participating from their home. Field reps and speakers may also be remote. The range of potential scenarios will require event planners to offer both in-person and virtual event options for participants.

To ensure hybrid events are successful, companies must begin planning today. The right infrastructure requires technology and expertise that can support the complexities of a hybrid model. Like Bayer, it’s essential to build partnerships and work with experts who can help transition into a new events environment.

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