Reducing Alignment Complexity with Fully Integrated Multichannel Cycle Plans   

Territory alignment and targeting are crucial business processes for life sciences commercial teams. They are the bridge between a company’s go-to-market strategy and its execution in the field. However, the traditional way of managing territory alignments is complex, burdensome, and highly inefficient. As a result, alignments are often unable to keep pace in the highly dynamic commercial environment. Companies typically rely on spreadsheets, multiple systems, or third-party vendors. The resulting administrative burden drives up costs without necessarily leading to better customer engagement.  

Our vision is that territory alignment and targeting are managed in a single, integrated solution by empowered commercial teams with full visibility and control of go-to-market planning. And with our latest release of Veeva Align, our customers will now be able to conduct target planning alongside territory alignment, directly in Veeva Align, providing the ability to:

  • Generate and maintain Veeva CRM multichannel cycle plan templates
  • Automatically find target customers through a targeting rules engine
  • Assign activity goals against target customers across channels and products
  • Seamlessly publish multichannel cycle plan information in Veeva CRM
  • Align reuses common channel criteria across field teams to significantly reduce transition time between cycles. In addition, its targeting rules engine finds targets automatically so they no longer have to be manually identified.

    Of course, this is all in addition to current Veeva Align capabilities. The ability to manage territory structures and assignments, determine target customers, and generate and execute multichannel cycle plans in a single, integrated solution is novel in the life sciences industry, and will greatly streamline the go-to-market process for Veeva Align customers.

    By tightly integrating territory alignments with CRM, commercial teams can reduce the administrative burden of alignments, eliminate the need to rely on third-party vendors, and deliver better multichannel resource allocation.

    To learn more about Veeva Align, please view the product brief.