Still Using Spreadsheets? The State of Roster Management

Roster management is an important part of your commercial operation—a lack of field coverage can easily lead to lost revenue. But in a recent Veeva poll, nearly half of companies—49%—indicated that they were still managing their rosters manually via spreadsheets.

Why are so many companies reliant on error prone processes to manage their field rosters? Check out this video (4:40) to learn more about the state of roster management in life sciences, including common challenges that most companies face:

To learn how Veeva Align can help you remove manual steps and reduce errors in your roster process, check out this 4-minute video below:

The above videos are segments from our recent webinar, “Farewell Spreadsheets: Smarter Roster Management with Veeva Align.”

To view the rest of the replay, click here and skip to the 11:10 mark.