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Clinical Data Management

Shorter Builds

Lotus Clinical Research decreased study start-up times by 67% with the Veeva Clinical Suite. Thanks to an agile design build process, EDC is no longer the bottleneck. “Now, the clinical team needs to hurry to keep up. With everyone moving faster, we can reduce overall study start times from three months to four weeks,” notes Eric Guitard, vice president of systems integrations.

Learn how Lotus Clinical Research rolled out the Veeva Clinical Suite to streamline their processes. Read their advice.

Faster Locks

Lotus Clinical Research delivers better service to sponsors and sites when they can verify data with real-time reports and customized dashboards. By staying on top of cleaning activities, they are always ready for an interim analysis or a rapid lock.

Hear how Lotus Clinical Research improved the EDC experience for sponsors and sites. Watch the interview.

Is your EDC working for you?

What questions should you ask an EDC vendor when selecting a system and what should you skip over? Download this free EDC Evaluation Guide to help you navigate the EDC selection process so you can confidently choose the right vendor for your study.

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Easier Amendments

Cara Therapeutics’ fast-paced environment requires processes that support tight deadlines, complex protocol designs, and rapid mid-study changes. Since protocol changes are the most common cause of database build delays, an adaptable EDC is critical to maintaining timelines.

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