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Veeva CRM MyInsights Partner Certification

Veeva CRM MyInsights is an innovative​ data visualization capability that delivers the right information exactly when and where your teams need it. ​It lets you visualize your data in real time at the point of planning and decision making to drive better execution. You have the flexibility to use pre-existing CRM MyInsights dashboards or​ ​create your own custom views using industry-standard HTML and JavaScript.​

​The Veeva CRM MyInsights certification program enables Veeva content, services​​, ​and technology partners to demonstrate their expertise in developing tailored dash​​​boards to fit your unique requirements.

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Upcoming submission dates:

  • August 25th 2017 (response provided on September 8th)
  • November 10th 2017 (response provided on November 24th)
  • February 2nd 2018 (response provided on February 16th)
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    These distinguished partners have successfully achieved Veeva’s certification criteria, including completing a technical demonstration fulfilling all criteria listed above and a subset of their workforce has passed a business focused exam (either 5 employees or 2% of the relevant practice area depending on partner size).

    Veeva strongly recommends that during an RFP/pitch phase and at project kick off, customers request names of those individuals who participated in both the technical demonstration and the business focused certification to ensure that qualified individuals are staffed on any MyInsights project.

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