Multichannel Certification

Multichannel Content Partner Certification

Content partners have exclusive access to gain company-wide and individual level certifications. Giving Veeva customers the opportunity to make informed choices when selecting a content provider for multichannel projects.

Company-wide Certification

Content partners must demonstrate the pre-defined criteria below for each multichannel product in order to achieve certification. Submissions are held quarterly and all certificates must be renewed annually.

Those found to be offering to take the exams on the behalf of others or accepting such services, will be removed from the Partner Program.

Upcoming submission dates:

  • August 11th 2017 (response provided on August 25th)
  • November 10th 2017 (response provided on November 24th)
  • February 9th 2018 (response provided on February 23rd)
  • May 11th 2018 (response provided on May 25th)

Click here to view criteria by product:

Individual Certification

Individuals currently employed at content partner organizations can prove their expertise by Veeva multichannel product. Registration codes are exclusively for content partners and are available via the Content Partner Portal.

Digital certificates and badges are awarded on a product basis to those who successfully pass the exam.

For more information on certification opportunities please contact use at