Modernizing Quality Management With Cloud at 2019 Veeva Summit in Europe

Modernizing quality management with cloud was the theme at the 2019 Veeva Summit in Barcelona, Spain. Many of the presentations discussed challenges with existing solutions and fragmented processes that are driving life sciences companies to a modern, digital platform for quality management.

Johnson and Johnson has many sites and teams around the world. The company initially rolled out Vault QualityDocs to more than 210 locations in 60 countries and 15 languages, bringing organizations onto a modern platform. With success reducing complexity and harmonizing content processes across many areas of the company, Johnson and Johnson is continuing their journey onboarding the main document management community. Johnson and Johnson also allows external users on the system and plans to expand this further to more easily collaborate with academia and other external organizations.

Companies can gain greater alignment by giving partners direct access to key content and incorporating them into quality processes. UCB works with many partners, including contract manufacturers. Providing approximately 2,000 external users access to Vault QualityDocs, UCB is enabling more effective partnerships. Now, they can easily issue effective or approved controlled document copies to partners, or have them review, approve, or electronically sign content.

Centralizing information and processes enables companies to have greater visibility on quality and gain a deeper understanding on how quality events are related. Horizon Therapeutics shared a few of their product and vendor-related metrics that they leverage to identity areas for improvement. They also discussed how they streamlined processes for an outsourced business model and enabled vendor oversight.

Both large and small quality organizations want simple processes as well as to leverage industry or common best practices. Enterprise companies are also open to adopting agile approaches used at smaller organizations. As we look towards the future, many of the companies are also evaluating or in various stages of implementing new approaches to SOPs. Traditional ways to manage, deliver, and consume information is not the most effective – especially with increasing number of pages for SOPs and product complexity. Companies are looking to have more targeted information and leverage new delivery methods such as videos and tablets. The addition of Vault Station Manager to the Vault Quality Suite will enable companies to manage quality all the way down to the shop floor.

Cloud is enabling companies to rapidly shift to a modern digital platform for managing quality. With internal teams and external partners around the world easily sharing information and collaborating, companies are gaining greater end-to-end control and improving quality.

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