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Enterprise-wide single source of truth improves agility and compliance across product lifecycle.

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Veeva Vault Platform

Proven cloud application development platform for customizing, integrating, and extending Vault applications, or to create your own applications.

Veeva Vault Platform is architected to meet among the most rigorous usability, scalability, performance, validation, and security requirements. IT teams or even power users can rapidly modify existing applications or configure new cloud applications with simple point-and-click interface. And because of Veeva Vault’s unique ability to manage both content and data in a single platform, organizations can quickly deploy powerful applications that manage end-to-end processes and the associated content.


Veeva Vault Application Accelerators make it easy to deploy solutions for contracts management, project management, SOX compliance, and grants and sponsorships. Vault’s pre-configured accelerators reduce the cost and complexity of building custom solutions by leveraging pre-built objects, document types, workflows, systems roles and more.

  • Rapid configuration or modification of business applications without coding
  • Management of content, data, and workflows on a single platform
  • Secure incorporation of all users – internal and external – with dynamic access control security model
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Security Controls Aligned to ISO 27001:2013

IT Controls Published within Our Annual SOC 2 Type II Report

Objective Evaluation of Security Controls and Enterprise Readiness


With the Vault Object Framework (VOF), easily create custom objects to manage business processes and group or categorize information. Quickly configure flexible data models through simple point-and-click, or modify common business entities such as product, company, and customer to speed solution development.
Rapidly implement new solutions without writing code. The intuitive user interface, business logic, and data model are configured using simple point-and-click browser-based tools.
Automate and track business processes with configurable workflow. Provides assignment, routing, email notifications, escalation, and tracking of work items.
Quickly gain data insights with integrated reporting and dashboards to support faster, informed decision-making. Easily share customizable reports, charts, and dashboards – allowing users to summarize and explore both structured and unstructured data.
Every release is Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) validated and delivers a comprehensive validation package that substantially reduces your validation effort. Audit trails, e-signatures, validation processes, and configurable business logic are all designed in a strict change control environment.
Address the security challenges of global enterprises with flexible authentication and authorization that easily extends across the organization and to external partners. Readily support multiple domains, and fine-grain access control to functions, objects, and data with a dynamic security model.
Easily integrate with other systems, migrate data, or automate processing using the comprehensive REST APIs.
Manage documents, videos, and images with rich capabilities including versioning, lifecycles, annotations, renditions, electronic signatures, watermarks, document generation, templates, and sharing. Rule-based configurations support complex business requirements for compliance, collaboration, and records management.
Built in Java, Vault leverages open source technology and select web services from Amazon. Vault Platform is delivered and accessed through the web, and hosted at SOC 1 Type II and ISO 27001 certified global data centers.
Application Accelerators
Veeva Vault Application Accelerators make it easy to deploy solutions for SOX compliance, project management, and contracts management. Vault's pre-configured accelerators reduce the cost and complexity of building custom solutions.

Traditionally, companies had to deploy multiple applications to manage content and the associated data. Veeva Vault is a new approach, bringing content and data together for seamless end-to-end business processes.