Delivering the
‘Single Source of Truth’

Bridging content gaps across the enterprise for global harmonization, while supporting local autonomy.

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R&D Cloud

A modern content management system is crucial for life sciences companies working to keep pace with a rapidly changing industry. With Veeva's R&D solutions, you can manage content across your organization, partner ecosystem, and the globe — on a single cloud platform.

Each Vault application combines content, related information, and real-time reporting, equipping companies to complete processes faster and make teams more productive. During implementation we combine industry best-practices with your unique environment to drive efficiency into your operations.

  • Global access: Easy, direct access for employees and trusted external parties. There's no need for VPNs or partner laptops.
  • Greater visibility: Powerful reporting and dashboards provide insights that enable greater efficiency and better decision making.
  • Control over document processes: Greater efficiency and compliance within your work streams.


Veeva’s suite of R&D applications is built on the Veeva Vault Platform. Native interoperability between Vaults enables content to flow across the enterprise. A single source of truth promotes consistency and efficiency while generating a complete chain of custody.


Vault eTMF is a powerful application that improves your visibility and control over trial operations. By connecting sponsors, CROs, and investigator sites, Vault helps speed study start-up and establish an inspection-ready eTMF.


Vault QualityDocs provides a single global source for all quality, manufacturing, and validation documents. Vault’s state-of-the-art technology and UI improve adherence to—and reduce the burden of—GxP compliance.


Vault Submissions unites contributors, partners, and affiliates in the cloud with a single destination for regulatory documents. Global and regional submission dossiers harmonize planning and provide real-time visibility into submission readiness.

Vault RIM – Planned for Availabilty Q1 2016

Veeva Vault RIM is a cloud-based suite of applications that unites product and registration information, submission documents, and published dossiers. It provides an authoritative source of documents and data that enhances visibility for headquarters and accessibility for affiliates, improving compliance and time to market, globally.


Vault Platform is easily configured to build new applications. Manage any type of high-value information with custom applications that interoperate with your other Vaults. Your applications benefit from Veeva’s stream of innovation and your configurations stay current through every upgrade.

Multitenant Cloud

Veeva Vault delivers the many benefits inherent in multitenant cloud.

Always current: Veeva is constantly innovating and delivering new IQ/OQ validated releases so you never get stuck on old software.
Zero footprint: No software to install, hardware to maintain, or costly upgrades.
High performance: Performance is continuously monitored and optimized to ensure everyone’s applications stay high performance.
Serves companies large and small: Licensing scales up or down to fit any size business.

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