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Clinical Data Management: Fortrea

"Veeva EDC has helped us modernize our data operations, build and amend studies faster, and ultimately deliver trial data more effectively."
Mark Morais, Fortrea
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Innovation and Agility

As a global CRO, Fortrea continually seeks efficient and cost-effective solutions to get the best results for its pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners. By choosing a modern EDC system, they were able to cut their study build times, streamline their operations, and make mid-study amendments easily, resulting in significant efficiency gains, time savings, and increased organizational agility.

Learn how Fortrea is leveraging Veeva Clinical Suite and Vault CDMS to streamline trial delivery

Strategies for Today’s Complex Clinical Trials

Learn how Fortrea is evolving their people, processes, and technologies to address the data complexities of today’s
adaptive and decentralized trials.

"Eliminating custom programming by using a new technology like Vault EDC spares resources and is a huge time saver for us. And this is on the first study; it's right out of the gate.”
- Bireshwar Saha, Fortrea

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Shorter Builds

GSK partnered with Veeva Vault EDC and found they could cut their build times by half across their entire portfolio.

In addition to EDC, GSK is also pioneering in the areas of data aggregation and cleaning with Veeva CDB.

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Easier Amendments

Cara Therapeutics’ fast-paced environment requires processes that support tight deadlines, complex protocol designs, and rapid mid-study changes. Since protocol changes are the most common cause of database build delays, an adaptable EDC is critical to maintaining timelines.

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