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Clinical Data Management: Syneos

Efficiency and Acceleration

Syneos Health has helped numerous pharmaceutical and biotech companies take their new therapies to market. By leveraging automation capabilities in a modern EDC they were able to dramatically reduce their study build times. With a new clinical database, they were also able to streamline their data aggregation, review, and cleaning processes to achieve database lock more efficiently. Despite all these changes, they achieved astounding results in just 18 months.

Learn how Syneos Health eliminated 3,000 hours of manual review in a single trial. Hear their story.

What is the future of Clinical Data Management?

Hear Syneos’ perspective on clinical data technology trends and how these advancements will change clinical data management in the future. Innovations in EDC and clinical data have opened up new opportunities to get better data and complete studies more quickly and efficiently.

Learn how Syneos Health maximized cycle time savings and eliminated manual operations as part of the EDC build process with a modernized approach to data management.

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Shorter Builds

GSK partnered with Veeva Vault EDC and found they could cut their build times by half across their entire portfolio.

In addition to EDC, GSK is also pioneering in the areas of data aggregation and cleaning with Veeva CDB.

How Vault CDMS is accelerating R&D at GSK. Learn more.

Easier Amendments

Cara Therapeutics’ fast-paced environment requires processes that support tight deadlines, complex protocol designs, and rapid mid-study changes. Since protocol changes are the most common cause of database build delays, an adaptable EDC is critical to maintaining timelines.

Learn how Cara Therapeutics cut their study build time in half and made 11 mid-study changes with zero downtime and no migrations. Read their story.

Faster Locks

Lotus Clinical Research delivers better service to sponsors and sites when they can verify data with real-time reports and customized dashboards. By staying on top of cleaning activities, they are always ready for an interim analysis or a rapid lock.

Hear how Lotus Clinical Research improved the EDC experience for sponsors and sites. Watch the interview.