DIRECTV Advertising partnered with Veeva Crossix to leverage audience segments for an unbranded disease awareness campaign, delivering a 25% lift in new patient starts and a 4.4:1 ROI


A category-leading therapy wanted to reach highly-qualified patients with their unbranded disease awareness TV campaign. The condition has a 1% prevalence rate and campaign success was determined by incremental HCP visits, new patient starts and an increase in adherence.


To achieve scaled ROI, the brand needed to deliver their message to a high volume of qualified households. The brand partnered with Veeva Crossix and DIRECTV Advertising to deliver messaging to this targeted audience.

Results: Campaign Delivered Quality and Scale

Crossix measured the audience exposed to the Addressable TV campaign to understand audience profile and overall campaign impact. Health behavior was measured through three months after the first media exposure.

Audience Quality

  • 84k Reach to households with a person diagnosed with the condition
  • 80% More likely to be diagnosed, compared to the general active TV-watching population

Impact on Health Behavior

  • 29k Incremental HCP visits through three months
  • 25% Lift in new patient starts, compared to a matched control group
  • 12% More refills compared to a matched control group

More than 500 health audience segments — including syndicated and custom models — are available for immediate activation across digital and targeted tv channels.

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