Organon’s journey to an omnichannel engagement strategy with tangible results

Identifying the challenges:

Organon’s spin-off from a leading biopharma company in 2021 required decisions on how to best harmonize business processes, data, and technology globally. Challenges included:

  • Low segmentation and targeting rates: Only 70% of the global markets had some form of HCP segmentation and one-third of planned calls were not linked to segmented HCP’s.
  • Lack of standardized processes: Markets used to different tools and practices, making it difficult to track progress and drive consistent results.
  • Reliance on manual tools: Tasks like customer profiling and territory alignment were done in spreadsheets, which was inefficient and error-prone.
  • Limited data analytics capabilities: Organon needed a better way to track and analyze data to measure the effectiveness of its strategies.

On top of these challenges, Organon also sought to tackle organizational roadblocks that had emerged from the separation:

  • Size and scale: As a smaller entity, Organon had to adapt its field planning strategies to be more efficient and cost-effective after its separation from its mother company.
  • Cultural differences: With operations in over 60 countries, teams had to navigate diverse cultures and working styles.
  • Change management: Incorporating new tools and procedures led to some skepticism and widespread adoption was not guaranteed.

“Without clear segmentation and targeting, our efforts were like throwing data blindfolded – pure chance, not strategy, guided by our execution.” – Maciek Wojtaszewski, Omnichannel Customer Engagement Director, Organon

Formalizing business processes

Organon continues to evolve its commercial organization and translate brand strategy into HCP engagement execution. In collaboration with Veeva Commercial Services, the company built a strategy-to-execution framework that provides clear guidance on key tasks and best practices, enabling each market to progress at its own pace despite variations in maturity levels.

It formalized five key areas as part of its global framework: profiling, segmentation and targeting, engagement execution, data and analytics, amd strategic planning

The approach was straightforward: develop a strategic plan by analyzing the brand, understanding customers, and identifying significant segments and specialties. In the first step, individuals within these segments are profiled. Then, they are organized into engagement groups, and targeted with planned activities. Following this, execution occurs through the field force, digital channels, headquarter emails, webinars, etc. Finally, data is analyzed for insights.

Building strategic partnerships

More than an implementation project, this was a strategic partnership, and together with Veeva Commercial Services and Veeva Business Consulting, a global framework was built. As a result, Organon achieved smooth implementation of Veeva Align globally in nine months and has now a holistic overview of field planning, maximizing the power of Veeva CRM and Align.

Key Highlights:

  1. A cross-functional team from Organon would meet with Veeva to discuss operational and tactical topics, share their concerns, and make decisions together.
  2. Organon nominated one representative from each market to join the weekly meetings throughout implementation, spanning marketing, digital, and brand teams.
  3. A cross-functional team from Organon would meet with Veeva to discuss operational and tactical topics, share their concerns, and make decisions together.

“When you face sales operations teams ten times smaller than what you were used to, working more efficiently with the right resources becomes the only viable option.” – Maciek Wojtaszewski, Omnichannel Customer Engagement Director, Organon

Choosing the right solutions


The quotes below are from Maciek Wojtaszewski, omnichannel customer engagement director, Organon.

  1. Survey Module of Veeva CRM: “The survey model of Veeva CRM is a fantastic feature to profile customers by collecting targeted insights through pre-defined options. You get individual customer data across various questions.”
  2. Veeva Align “We are now driving field planning globally with efficiency and have seen good results.”
  3. Integration of Veeva Align and Veeva CRM: “Veeva Align and Veeva CRM are nicely orchestrated, you don’t even know which system generates what.”

The Results

The quotes below are from Maciek Wojtaszewski, omnichannel customer engagement director, Organon.

  • Significant improvements in segmentation, targeting, and execution KPIs:
    • Impactful Segmentation and Targeting: “In less than a year Veeva Align helped us increase our segmentation by 21% and targeting by 27%. Field teams are happy, Organon is happy.”
    • Efficient Execution: “We experienced a 46% increase in interactions with priority HCPs, through improved segmentation and targeting, in just nine months with Veeva Align. This is definitely an indicator that things are going in just the right direction.”
    • Successful implementation with speed: “We effectively rolled out Veeva Align in 63 countries in nine months.”
    • Thriving partnership with Veeva: “Veeva is a great thought partner. They have a deep understanding of industry challenges and a great solution to overcome them.”
    • Happy sales operations team: “We like to work with Veeva Align. It’s simple and intuitive.”


With Veeva Align’s agile technology, Organon has reached operational efficiency in juyst nine months.

Organon secured stakeholder buy-in and addressed concerns by forming a cross-functional team representative of all markets. This collaborative approach, in partnership with Veeva experts and business consultants, laid the foundation for a successful rollout.

A rapid implementation not only led to a 46% increase with priority HCPs but also unlocked significant advances in segmentation and targeting. Veeva Align evolved beyond its role as a global resource allocation tool and became an omnichannel enabler within Organon’s engagement strategy.

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