See You in Boston
May 2023

2022 Summit Keynotes

Learn about new innovations in digital engagement, content, data, and analytics.

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Veeva Commercial Vision & Product Direction

Peter Gassner, Founder and CEO
Paul Shawah, EVP, Strategy

Veeva CRM Andy Fuchs, VP, Commercial Strategy
Arno Sosna, General Manager, CRM Products

Veeva CRM Events Management Kimberly Berger, General Manager, Digital Events
Krista McBrearty, Sr. Dir., Events Product Mgmt.

Veeva Commercial Content Pooja Ojala, VP, Commercial Content
Rolando Sa, VP, Commercial Content Product Mgmt.

Veeva Data Cloud Peter Stark, EVP, Commercial Strategy
Kilian Weiss, General Manager, Link

Veeva Crossix Sarah Caldwell, GM, Crossix Analytics
Nicholas Lucente Sr. Dir., Oncology Digital Mktg, Bayer

Veeva Business Consulting Dan Rizzo, VP, Global Business Consulting

May 5, 2022
One day to make connections and learn from industry leaders

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