Veeva Vault PromoMats Certification Program

The Vault PromoMats Certification Program has been developed for agency individuals, to improve the quality and consistency of content preparation and to reduce the number of customer review cycles.

Errors in commercial content materials are the largest cause of repeat review and approval cycles. Incomplete or inaccurate referencing of materials is a major compliance concern for customers.

The process of preparing a document for review can be time-consuming, exacerbated by knowledge gaps in Vault PromoMats, with content preparation often done badly or not at all. Poor preparation directly increases the time taken by each reviewer in each cycle. Repeat cycles can put pressure on deadlines, extend working hours for both agencies and customers, and increase project costs.

The Vault PromoMats Certification Program provides direct agency access to functional training and 24/7 support to help individuals develop the skillset and confidence required. Compulsory certification and identification via the Vault PromoMats Certification database enables customers to identify agencies/individuals with the appropriate skill set and support.

Who Should Join

  • Copywriters/regulatory submission teams
  • Account handlers
  • Project managers
  • All others involved in the uploading, preparation and submission of commercial content for medical, legal, and regulatory review and approval.

Annual Program Benefits

  • 24/7 online access to a Vault PromoMats training module library with up to date agency-specific resources
    • View mode and try mode for training modules – prepares users for exam certification in safe environment
  • Compulsory Vault PromoMats certification – linked to the latest Vault PromoMats release
  • Identify Vault PromoMats certified individuals through the Vault PromoMats Certified database, enabling Veeva customers visibility into which agencies and project teams have Vault PromoMats experience
  • Best practice documents
  • 24/7 support from the Vault PromoMats Global Service Center by phone or email
  • Access to information regarding new release webinars and latest feature training


To purchase program licenses for the Vault PromoMats Certification Program please email the PromoMats Team at

Vault PromoMats Certification Program
11 – 20
21 – 30
$ 450
31 – 40
$ 425
$ 400

Licenses for the program are purchased on a per person basis. Licenses start from $500 per person for purchases of less than 10 licenses. For further details on licensing, please see the T&C’s.

Exam Certification

The exam, created in a simulated pseudo environment, comprises of exam tasks that mimic agency task requirements.

Upon activating the license (through self-registration), the user has 45 days to complete the training and attempt the Vault PromoMats Certification exam.

To pass, the user must demonstrate correct navigation steps/selections to complete each task. Feedback is provided at the end of each task.

If the user fails a task, they receive an immediate incorrect notification and they are returned to the beginning of that task to re-attempt.

Users have two major attempts at the exam per license period. Within each major attempt, the users has six task lives in total. The number of lives remaining is shown at the bottom of the exam.

Access to the exam is available 24/7. Should a user fail their first exam attempt, there is a twenty-four hour lock out period before they can access the exam to try again.

Once exam passed or two major attempts completed, the exam course is locked out for the remaining duration of that license term.

Once a user has passed the exam and becomes certified, this will automatically show in the user’s profile on the learning management system (LMS), as well as the external facing public database (accessed via Veeva website link)

External Database

For more information on the Vault PromoMats database click here.

To access the Vault PromoMats certification database please click here.