22R2 Vault PromoMats Release

Watch these on-demand webinars to learn more about the new features across Vault PromoMats to optimize content creation.

Vault Promomats
Q&A Webinar

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Vault Platform
Technical Deep Dive

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Release Highlights

A quick overview of latest key features and how it impacts you

Vault PromoMats

Four new key features to improve your user experience with more speed and accuracy.

On-demand Release Education

An in-depth training of latest key features

Key Feature Demos

Automated Approved Email Fragment

Drastically reduce the effort to publish email fragments from Vault PromoMats to Veeva CRM. You can now designate a document to be part of an email HTML fragment.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Improve your search in Vault with OCR capabilities on PDF documents that contain images and/or text.

Vault File Manager

More flexibility with the ability to upload source files via Vault File Manager, and with increased size limits from 4GB to 100GB.

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