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21R2 Veeva Commercial Vault


Key Feature Demos

New Vault Action UI
Improve your Vault user experience by modernizing the UI, making it more intuitive, and reducing the number of clicks to perform frequently used actions.
One Workflow (formerly known as Multi-Document Workflow Enhancements)
A critical step to enable reviewers to focus their time more efficiently by sending multiple documents or objects through a single workflow.
RIM Vault Connection
The new integration makes the FDA submission process faster, more intuitive, and as compliant as ever.
Modular Content - Approval Doc & Rich Text
The content module has a rich text editor, which allows users to edit and format text being included in a module. This allows reviewers to understand how it will be used and authors to create content more seamlessly.
Material ID
A new Material ID field that generates and adds a unique ID number to the document for submission to a health authority. This allows you to up-version documents past v1.0 while maintaining a unique ID number that can be used for each submission of a specific document.