Veeva Commercial Vault 20R1

On-Demand Deep Dives and Q&A

Deep Dive Replays

Veeva Commercial Vault V20R1 - PromoMats Deep Dive link
Veeva Commercial Vault 20R1 Deep Dive Video - PromoMats
Veeva Commercial Vault V20R1 - Medcomms Deep Dive link
Veeva Commercial Vault 20R1 Deep Dive Video - Medcomms

Deep Dive Documents:

  • 20R1 PromoMats Focused Deep Dive - PDF
  • 20R1 Medcomms Focused Deep Dive - PDF

Release Kit

Business Perspective Video

Emma Hyland, VP, Strategy for Commercial Content, shares key business highlights for 20R1 including Vault PromoMats Standard Metrics and Auto Claims Linking

Release Kit Demos

Veeva Commercial Vault V20R1 - Vault PromoMats Standard Metrics
Unlock industry-wide benchmarks on key aspects of the MLR process
Veeva Commercial Vault 20R1 - Vault PromoMats Auto-Claims Linking
Continued innovation is driving faster, more compliant claims management
Veeva Commercial Vault 20R1 - Medical Inquiry email capabilities
Enhanced email capabilities make it easier to track emails and give HCPs the ability to directly reply to inquiries
Veeva Commercial Vault 20R1 - Excel templates for reporting
Excel templates for reporting let teams upload custom Excel templates directly to Vault


  • Frequently asked questions document - PDF

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