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To Deliver the Best Customer Experience, Learn to Collaborate

Florent Edouard
SVP, Global Head of Commercial Excellence, Grünenthal Group

A new generation of innovators and business leaders in life sciences is bringing more openness to conversations. As digital natives, they’re used to freely discussing personal ideas and experiences on platforms like WeChat, Twitter, or Snapchat, and they want to talk about work in the same way. I use Clubhouse with counterparts at other pharmaceutical companies to learn about best practices for improving customer experience, through better engagements and meaningful interactions with personalized digital content, for example.

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5 Ways to Streamline Commercial Content Workflows

Karen Timmins
Head Regulatory Advertising & Promotion,
Global Regulatory Affairs at Takeda

The industry’s shift toward hybrid engagement is making it critical for companies to move away from outdated methods of content creation rooted solely in print production. Digital channels are now frequently integrated with in-person exchanges to fit healthcare professionals’ (HCP) new preferences.

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Moderna’s Take: Adopting a Modular Mindset for Content’s Digital Awakening

Parker Richardson
Senior Director Vaccine Marketing, Moderna

The volume of life sciences content is growing like it never has before—the industry is generating 3.5 times more digital content than print assets, whether that’s in the form of websites, web banners, social, and video, to emails and sales materials.

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The Secret to Personalized Content in the Digital Age

Jay McMeekan
Senior Director, Head of Commercial Digital, Kyowa Kirin

The life sciences industry’s shift toward digital engagement is boosting the number of healthcare professional (HCP) and sales rep interactions across a variety of channels. From remote meetings and virtual events to email and social media, this growing engagement mix is generating 60% more content across the board.

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