Five Best Practices to Improve Audience Targeting

Health audience segments are a critical component of any biopharma advertising campaign, but there are key factors that can help improve performance. Use this checklist to maximize your budget and reach your marketing goals.

  • Tailor audience segments to the patient journey

    Identify the treatment stage of the target audience, such as recently diagnosed, treating in category, and adherence to specialty medications. Use Prime Segments to reach more niche audiences focused on conversion and use Reach Segments to aid upper funnel awareness goals.

  • Target what you measure, and measure what you target

    Align segment definitions to your KPIs to create a closed-loop strategy. This will help you measure and optimize audience segment performance accurately.

  • Inform your partner of your test and learn strategy

    Share the timeline and details of your test and learn strategy with your data partner so they can be prepared to help you capitalize on results. Even while testing, it’s best to use less than three segments at a time to ensure proper test management and to control reach and frequency.

  • Don’t become comfortable with stagnant segments

    A strong partner should refresh and optimize audience segments regularly and inform you of new methodology upgrades. Ensure that your brand is first-to-market with these improvements.

  • Be wary of audience extension and data overlays

    Many demand-side platforms (DSPs) include a default setting to extend your campaign to additional devices connected to the target audience. This can skew segment accuracy and negatively impact performance. Health segments are custom-built and account for key variables during the audience creation process.

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