Enhance Field Team Mobility and Efficiency with Veeva CRM’s Latest Release

The rising tide of specialty medicines is opening up new ways to treat patients, but for pharma field teams, they can create a complex web of challenges. Intricate treatment plans, personalized content needs, and coordinated engagement require a new level of operational agility.

The latest Veeva CRM update, the 23R3 release, addresses these challenges head-on with new capabilities to streamline workflows across devices, manage and share content more efficiently, and improve HCP engagement.

Device flexibility for ultra-mobile teams

From iPads in the field to desktops back at HQ, Veeva CRM continues to expand capabilities across all devices and platforms. This device freedom lets you design more diverse go-to-market models and equip field teams to handle HCP interactions from anywhere.

Non-blocking Synchronization for iPad and iPhone

The Veeva CRM iOS mobile apps are smoother than ever with no more productivity pauses thanks to Non-blocking Synchronization. Non-blocking Sync allows field users to continue using Veeva CRM while fresh content and data are automatically downloaded in the background. Users choose a convenient time to apply updates, which typically takes only a few seconds, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

Redesigned Windows desktop experience

The Veeva CRM desktop experience got a makeover, mirroring native Windows UI for more intuitive navigation that will boost team productivity. Medical users also enjoy a redesigned user interface of the media library and player, making it easier to find content, create custom presentations, and juggle tasks across multiple windows.

Consent Capture on iPhone

We know some days for reps turn out exactly as planned, but others can be unpredictable, with their phone being the only device available. That’s why we’ve made Veeva CRM more mobile-friendly with core functions like Call Reporting, Veeva CLM, and Veeva CRM Approved Email available on the iPhone app. Now, you can add Consent Capture to the list. Reps can use their iPhones to obtain HCP consent to store personal information and communicate across various channels.

Productivity boosts with Microsoft365

Earlier this year, we launched the Microsoft 365 integration with Veeva CRM to help in two key areas: keeping calendars in Microsoft Outlook and Veeva CRM synchronized and providing options to schedule and start Microsoft Teams meetings within Veeva CRM.

We’ve rounded out the MS Teams integration with automatic meeting detail capture within Veeva CRM, eliminating the need for manual post-meeting data entry.

Dynamic content capabilities

When sales reps share digital content during meetings with HCPs, it has a measurable promotional impact. Organizations that do this well think about the end-to-end content lifecycle, including targeted content delivery for exceptional HCP experiences.

Mastering content control and achieving targeted outreach can be unwieldy in a sprawling, multi-brand landscape with varied user needs. Content Alignment allows you to untangle the web of implicit rules and create a clear path for content to flow to the right end users across Veeva CRM, Veeva CLM, and CRM Approved Email.

A new Content Group object will represent the intersection between use and content. It lets you define and manage explicit content access rules by product, country, language, product group, and more. Veeva Align and Veeva Vault PromoMats are also built on the same data model, allowing seamless integration across solutions.

Improved HCP engagement

Keeping HCPs informed of the latest treatment options for patients is critical, but personalizing interactions while staying compliant can be difficult. The latest capabilities provide HCPs with seamless access to all your content and help field teams stay compliant when sharing content.

New HCP Content Player

The new HCP Content Player provides a unified experience for HCPs to access all your content on their chosen mobile or desktop devices. It supports all major content types, including HTML, image, PDF, and video, and includes page-level content tracking metrics. Content creation also got more straightforward with the ability to make ISI and PI information available in a dedicated link within the app.

Message Templates

Inbound channels like chat have opened doors for HCPs to access resources on their own time, and Veeva CRM Engage Messaging Templates are a step forward to help you embrace chat, too. With Messaging Templates, users no longer have to manually type a message when sharing content. Instead, they can select pre-approved messages that ensure consistency, compliance, and saved time.

Tailored experiences, actionable insights

Veeva CRM MyInsights is a no-code platform with tools to design, build, and publish actionable views of CRM data so each team can quickly find the insights they need to better engage HCPs. CLM thumbnails in MyInsights help users find content faster and launch presentations with deep linking – no more screen switching to find and activate content from a MyInsights view.

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