Leading Biopharma Increases HCP Engagement 30% with Compliant Email

With email open rates nearly three times the industry average, this leading biopharma knows how to reach healthcare professionals (HCPs). Empowering over 300 field reps with compliant email capabilities to deliver tailored content to HCPs increased customer engagement by 30%.

And the timing could not have been better. The biopharma was preparing to bring two blockbuster drugs to market, and the success of these launches hinged on keeping HCPs informed at each stage of the product journey.

Increasing customer engagement
The company redefined how its sales team engaged with customers to prioritize the education of HCPs. They decided to open a new communication channel through Veeva CRM Approved Email. Built specifically for life sciences, Veeva CRM Approved Email lets reps send compliant, approved emails to customers.

Extending conversations beyond face-to-face interactions has paid off. The company has achieved open rates as high as 60% since adopting the solution. “Our field teams are perceived as trusted advisors,” said the director of commercial solutions. “The customer receives valuable information whenever and wherever they want.”

Connecting speed with compliance
The sales team is delivering content faster than ever while avoiding the regulatory risk of traditional email. Reps using CRM Approved Email have access to a library of pre-approved emails stored in Veeva CLM, whose native integration with the application gives users the materials they need in just a few clicks. The company’s brand team has full control over which materials field teams can send. Reps now have confidence that they’re sharing only approve messages with customers.

Perfecting this content review and distribution process has transformed how the company manages marketing materials. With the help of Veeva Vault PromoMats, which combines digital asset management (DAM) and promotional content review within a single system, the company can create and deliver new email templates to reps in a single day. Real-time email metrics, call data, and content performance statistics give reps a view of which messages resonate with customers – and brand teams the ability to quickly refine messages so that the field team can send the right content at the best time.

Looking ahead: continuing to extend reach
Going forward, the company will expand its use of digital channels to include web conferencing. They are currently piloting Veeva CRM Engage Meeting to make online meetings with HCPs easy and compliant for reps.

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