Best Practices for Optimizing
Digital Healthcare
Professional Engagement

All the Resources You Need on Remote Engagement.

To help you in this rapid shift to digital, here are resources to get started effectively and make the most out of Veeva’s remote meeting solution. Whether you are new to Veeva CRM Engage Meeting or a master user, content is available for users at every level.

For more information, please contact your Veeva account executive.

Getting Started

Watch 3-Minute Demo
Engage Meeting Product Brief

Outlines the capabilities and benefits of Engage Meeting for end users.

Webinar: Engage Meeting Overview & Best Practices

Overview and best practices of Engage Meeting.

Engage Meeting Content Suitability

Assess the suitability of your Veeva CLM content for presentation via Engage Meeting.

Engage Meeting Management

Key considerations when implementing Engage Meeting.

User Communication – Introducing Engage Meeting

Email template to inform users about the upcoming Veeva CRM Engage Meeting rollout.

Zoom/Engage Statement regarding Zoom/Engage Security

About Zoom & Engage Meeting security. Additional information can be found on our Veeva Trust page.

Company Announcement – Now Live with Engage Meeting

Newsletter or intranet page announcement template for Engage Meeting.

Engage Meeting FAQs

Frequently asked questions that can be distributed to your end users.

Training Resources

Quick reference card - iPad / Online

How-to guides for scheduling and starting an Engage Meeting from an iPad or Windows device.

End-user Training

English based training is available in the Veeva Training Portal. Instructions for accessing the training portal are provided in the link provided. Please email to for additional training support.

HCP-facing Resource Page

Quick start information to help healthcare professionals use Engage Meeting.

Online Help

Detailed configuration, functionality, and platform information.

Optimizing Content

Four Tips to Maximize Your Remote Engagements

Practical Advice and best practices to help you engage better via digital channels.

Webinar: Approved Email Etiquette

Delivering value to HCPs through the proper use of Approved Email.

Webinar: Lifecycle of an Approved Email in Vault from A-Z

Approved Email Lifecycle: from creation through review and approval, and distribution.

Webinar: Optimizing Content for Engage Meeting

Overview of Veeva CLM, Approved Email, and BEE Email Editor to help you deliver compliant online content.

Webinar: Approved Email: BEE Editor

Creating Approved Email templates in Vault PromoMats using BEE.

Sustaining Remote Engagement

Webinar: Maximizing and Sustaining Remote Engagement

Change management best practices, remote
engagement metrics, and KPIs for success.

Digital Field Engagement Consulting

Press release announcing Veeva’s Digital
Field Engagement solution.

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