Veeva Nitro

Next-generation commercial data warehouse for life sciences.

The lack of high-quality, packaged commercial data warehouse solutions require companies to spend a significant amount of time and resources building and maintaining their own. Custom-built solutions are not quickly adaptable to changing business requirements or evolving data structures and data sources. This delays insights from reaching the business and leaves organizations ill-prepared to support artificial intelligence (AI).

Veeva Nitro is a next-generation commercial data warehouse that eliminates the time and effort of custom data warehouse development and maintenance. With an industry-specific data model and standard data connectors, life sciences companies can easily unify their most important data sources such as prescription, sales, formulary, and claims data, including regional data sources.

As a commercial data warehouse that is analytics and AI-ready, Veeva Nitro provides the foundation to deliver insights to the business faster. Customers have the flexibility to use the BI and AI tool of their choice, as well as deliver tailored data visualization to field teams through Veeva CRM MyInsights to immediately generate insights and drive informed action.

  • Tailored for life sciences: Leverage a data warehouse solution in the cloud tailored to your needs with the ease of implementation, configuration, and ongoing enhancements that come with a packaged software solution.
  • Cloud innovation: Take advantage of the software-as-a-service model with a data warehouse that gets better over time, from the one of the world’s leading enterprise cloud innovators.
  • Right foundation for AI and analytics: With an open commercial data warehouse, use the third-party BI, AI, or analytics tools of your choice to uncover new insights and drive more informed execution.
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