Veeva CRM Engage Webinar

The rise of the digital opportunity – coupled with increasing restrictions on office access to physicians – is disrupting traditional models and driving transformation in life sciences. To meet healthcare professionals’ demand for fast, easy access to the information they need, companies are looking to further integrate virtual events into their engagement strategy.

Veeva CRM Engage Webinar makes virtual events easy and compliant by eliminating the traditional siloed approach. Because Engage Webinar is delivered as part of multichannel Veeva CRM, getting a full customer view across all activity channels and validating attendee credentials is simple. The solution is built to work with Veeva CRM Events Management for physical events, enabling better visibility and management of all event types. And native integration with Veeva Vault for content management means that only the correct, approved content is used.

  • Increased reach: Remove barriers to attending physical events.
  • Better HCP experience: Engage HCPs with information that is tailored to their customer profile, delivered through preferred channels, and easily accessible.
  • Reduced risk: By leveraging a unified platform with built-in compliance.


Integrated Voice and Video
Engage Webinar delivers built-in voice and video capabilities in a single solution, with flexibility to turn video on or off as needed.
Real-time Online Engagement
Engage Webinar enables life sciences companies to improve reach and eliminate the logistics of physical events. Healthcare professionals can join from any device, at their convenience.
Ensures Compliance
Veeva CRM Engage Webinar is designed to meet the strict regulatory requirements of the life sciences industry. Built-in content control ensures only the latest, approved materials are used, and Veeva CRM integration makes it easy to ensure attendees are authorized to attend virtual events. All actions are automatically tracked and recorded back to CRM.
Intuitive UI
Veeva CRM Engage Webinar is easy to use, minimizing the need for training and increasing adoption by both reps and doctors. To join an Engage Webinar, HCPs simply click a link delivered via Veeva CRM Approved Email.
Streamlined Processes Across All Event Types
Engage Webinar is designed to work with Events Management to provide a unified process for approvals, budgeting, and tracking of the HCP before and after the event. See the activity from Engage Webinar in the account timeline and understand where the customer joined the webinar or left.
Complete Customer View
Rich insight is automatically captured from each interaction, across all channels, and updated in Veeva CRM in real time. Companies can easily gauge content effectiveness and track HCP sentiment. This multichannel data is available for analysis, helping marketing and sales respond to customer needs quickly and effectively.

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