Reimagine Medical Information

Modern medical inquiry management for efficient
scientific communications.

Centralizing scientific content enables qualitative measures and strategic insights for medical affairs.
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Veeva Vault MedComms

Veeva Vault MedComms centralizes global scientific content and medical inquiry management in one single solution for more efficient communication.


Single Solution

Single source of truth to manage all global business processes.

Strategically Connected

Connected to the broader Veeva ecosystem for greater efficiency.

Simplified Delivery

Distribute consistent scientific communications across channels and geographies.


Central Hub for All Medical Affairs

Manage scientific content for all global medical affairs stakeholders.

  • Field Medical
  • Medical Information
  • Publications, HEOR, and more
Central Hub for All Medical Affairs

Single, Complete Solution

Improve efficiency with a single global scientific content management solution.

  • Efficient authorship, review, and approval
  • Controlled distribution, access, and expiration
  • Content promotion, sharing, and reuse via medical portal
Single, Complete Solution

Medical Inquiry Management

Modern, cloud-based medical inquiry management for efficient scientific communication. Learn more.

  • Standard fulfillment process
  • Compliant responses
  • Enhanced insights
Medical Inquiry Management

Get real-time progress tracking across the content lifecycle.

  • Easy-to-use dashboards and reports
  • Content usage metrics and insights
  • Identify themes and trending topics
Scientific Insights

Easily create local scientific content derived from global assets.

  • Local language, customs, and regulations
  • Traceable back to original source
  • Region-specific approval processes
Global Consistency, Local Flexibility

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