7 Ways to Better Engage HCPs

Half of HCPs use three or more devices. An effective, data-driven multichannel strategy can help you increase engagement rates in the long term. With the right CRM and the right approach to data and analytics, many life sciences companies are significantly improving interactions with HCPs. Here are a few tips to help you on the path:

1. Go beyond face-to-face

Sixty-seven percent of HCPs want direct and personal engagement with reps. Using video conferencing that is fully integrated with CRM, reps can create instant video meetings. This provides the high-touch aspect of an in-person meeting, but when delivered via digital, can be done at the customer’s convenience. And with online meetings, reps spend up to six times longer with HCPs than an average 90-second sales call.

2. Be more efficient with digital asset management (DAM)

Use digital asset management (DAM) to organize content. Easily tag content to make it easy for reps to discover. Track the effectiveness of your asset based on factors such as the customer’s preferences, past interactions, and specialties.

3. Make content reuse easier and more cost-effective

With a content management system, approved content is distributed to Veeva CRM, making it available to users globally. Once you have identified an effective asset, you can make it available for reuse in all markets and avoid duplicating effort and cost. Easily withdraw obsolete content with a single click.

4. Streamline your localization process

Create a content localization workflow by maintaining links between source templates and localized versions. This provides a robust audit trail and simplifies compliance.

5. Turn data into actionable insights

Enable your reps with high-quality and actionable insights for every point of the HCPs journey. Tailored data visualizations give reps the information they need to take the next best action.

6. Optimize your account planning

With Veeva CRM, create a unified account plan for each customer. Define your strategies, identify measurable goals, and track your progress. Enable team collaboration for a more coordinated engagement. Access to real-time insights allows you to refine your strategy.

7. Increase the effectiveness of your MSLs

Narrow the focus of your key opinion leader’s by identifying the right influencers.
Build strong connections with experts by aligning with their interest and needs. Uncover new engagement opportunities with information on affiliations, locations, and specialties.

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