Veeva CRM MyInsights

Take action with real-time information at the point of execution. Get tailored insights directly in Veeva CRM with pre-built and custom data visualizations.

Veeva CRM MyInsights is an innovative data visualization capability that delivers the right information exactly when and where your teams need it.


Field teams typically access data in separate tools, then have to aggregate and make sense of it all. With Veeva CRM MyInsights, actionable insights are now available at the point of planning and decision making to drive better execution.

You can leverage a library of pre-existing dashboards or easily create additional custom insights for each role and activity using industry-standard HTML and JavaScript. An ecosystem of certified Veeva CRM MyInsights partners can also create additional custom visualizations.

  • Actionable: Insights delivered directly in Veeva CRM for immediate execution.
  • Flexible: View your data any way you want using open industry standards.
  • Real-time: User activity immediately updated for always current insights
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Pre-built Veeva CRM MyInsights Dashboards

HCP Engagement HCP-Engagement
Sales Trends Sales-Trends
Territory Summary Territories
Account Plans Account-Plans
KOL Profiles KOL-Profile
Order Management Order-Management

Veeva CRM MyInsights Certified Partners

A Veeva CRM MyInsights certification program connects customers to a diverse and growing ecosystem of content, services, and technology providers. Certified Veeva partners develop a wide range of pre-built dashboards and custom data visualizations.

See some example dashboards developed by our partners:

Rep Training Judge.jpg
Engagement Summary Aktana.jpg
Marketing Dashboard Intouch-Marketingmanager.jpg
KOL Dashboard Pharmiweb.jpg
Prescription Data Report Judge.jpg
Territory Summary Aktana.jpg
Content Monitoring Intouch-Marketingmanager.jpg
Order Management Pharmiweb.jpg
HCP Summary Aktana.jpg

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