CROs Pave the Way for Digital Clinical Trials

The rapid adoption of digital trial technologies to support decentralized trials is causing significant challenges in site adoption, patient burden, and data collection and reporting.

Hear how CROs are leading the charge to establish a unified digital foundation that better meets the needs of patients, sites, sponsors, and CROs.

Clinical Trials Need Innovation

  • CRAs experience delays with multiple data entries and disconnected systems
  • Sites are overburdened with technology and need a simpler way to collaborate with sponsors and CROs
  • Patients need easier access to participate and engage in decentralized trials

Decentralized Clinical Trial Trends

  • 64% of organizations are likely to increase the percentage of decentralized trials they run
  • 41% say decentralized trials have had a positive impact on site technology
  • 70% report site technology adoption as the biggest issue

Sites Burdened with Too Much Technology

  • Only 41% of organizations report decentralized trials improve site engagement
  • Sites want user-friendly technology that support their jobs
  • Leverage technology with greater connectivity that allow sites to only enter data once

Examining the Patient Experience

  • Patients need simplified access to the systems and tools in their clinical trials
  • Technology should be user-friendly and guide patients through the study process
  • Implement technology training to promote adoption and engagement throughout the trial

CROs Leading Digital Transformation

  • On average, CROs and sponsors adopted 4 new eClinical applications to support decentralized trials
  • Improving data connectivity is a key focus to improve collaboration
  • Aggregating data from multiple systems and making it actionable will support risk management and overall trial management

Better Trials for All Through a Connected Clincial Ecosystem

  • Technology serves as the foundation for decentralized trials and can support trial execution when implemented correctly
  • Connectivity between applications allows users to access, analyze, and action data faster
  • CROs and sponsors are rationalizing systems and process to simplify the user experience

View insights from clinical leaders on the industry’s progress toward digital trial strategies, lessons learned, and what lies ahead.