A pharmaceutical brand and its agency worked with Crossix to measure the audience quality of their digital direct-to-consumer (DTC) and healthcare professional (HCP) marketing campaigns. Armed with that information, the media agency was able to reallocate media dollars to maximize their investment in the highest performing ad placements to reach more qualified consumers and HCPs.

The Crossix Approach

Crossix connects digital media exposure to health data to help brands understand the business impact of marketing campaigns.

Measuring the effectiveness of the ads is based on linking data on actual program exposures to health data to assess impact. Compared to competitive approaches, Crossix technology allows for faster, more accurate analytics. The Crossix Data Platform enables the connection of multiple data sets in a privacy-safe, HIPAA-compliant manner.

Optimizing to Get the Most Value from Media Spend

With Crossix, the media agency was able to understand—early in the campaign’s duration—if digital media was reaching the right audience in a cost-efficient way. Crossix includes audience quality information for patients (diagnosed, treating in category) and HCPs (on target list, prescribing behavior) at both a publisher and ad placement level. By optimizing to increase investment in those ad placements reaching a highly-qualified audience, the agency significantly lowered the cost per target patient and HCP reached, saving the brand more than $6MM over the course of the campaign.

DTC Campaign

Target Audience: Patients diagnosed with condition and treating in category

Cost savings demonstrate difference in cost to reach current quantity of qualified patients if cost per target for campaign remained consistent from Q2 2021 ($18)

HCP Campaign

Target Audience: HCPs on the brand’s target list

Cost savings demonstrate difference in cost to reach current quantity of target list HCPs if cost per TL HCP for campaign remained consistent from 2021 ($392)

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