A leading pharmaceutical company turned to Crossix to leverage advanced data analytics to measure the impact of a disease awareness campaign for a rare condition.


Brand X treats a rare condition with fewer than 5,000 new diagnoses each year. Because the condition is frequently mistaken for a much more common and much less serious one, the patient pathway is long and diverse. It was essential for the brand to intercept symptomatic individuals to educate them about the condition and encourage them to visit a specialist for diagnostic testing.

Campaign Objectives

  • Increase diagnoses and shorten the long patient pathway by driving symptomatic individuals to specialists’ offices
  • Increase new prescriptions for diagnosed patients

The unbranded ad creative did not include the name of the condition or the brand of the treatment. It simply called on symptomatic patients to visit their doctors.

Crossix Approach

Crossix connected digital media exposure to health data to help the brand understand the business impact of the digital campaign.

Measuring the effectiveness of the ad is based on linking data on actual program exposures to real-world evidence data to assess impact. Our distributed data network technology enables the connection of multiple data sets in a privacy-safe, HIPAA-compliant manner.

Validating Audience Quality

Crossix identified audiences with a common condition that is frequently mistaken for the much rarer and more serious one with similar symptoms.

Rate of Reaching Misdiagnosed Patients by Publisher

Note: Publisher names have been blinded

Even in the mass media Ads4U publisher, programmatic targeting helped locate potentially qualified patients early in their journeys, and endemics located these audiences at substantially higher rates.

The campaign also was successful in reaching those treating or diagnosed with the condition. However, there were trade-offs between scale, audience quality, and efficiency among publishers.

Treating & Diagnosed with Condition by Publisher

Targeted Health (a niche endemic publisher) reached the most highly qualified audience with relatively small scale. Ads4U (the non-endemic publisher) reached a relatively less qualified audience, but it still succeeded in reaching an audience more qualified than the general public with substantial scale.

Measuring Impact

The campaign drove approximately 10% of the new diagnoses per year in this category despite the relatively small reach of the campaign and the rarity of the condition.

Overall Campaign: Post Exposure Impact

The Crossix methodology proved that small condition campaigns can activate their target audience efficiently and measure campaign impact effectively through large-sample measurement techniques.

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