A pharmaceutical brand facing a decreased non-personal promotion (NPP) budget engaged Crossix to analyze their digital campaign to determine how to make NPP more efficient and how to best reach and influence HCPs across and within publishers.

Traditionally, marketers have evaluated their campaigns using publisher data from separate measurement reports that are hard to compare. This measurement has been meaningful, but the information is limited and does not allow for cross-publisher measurement and optimization.

Campaign Objectives

A pharmaceutical client engaged with Crossix to validate the successful reach of target HCPs and the impact of NPP on prescribing behavior. They also wanted to determine how to optimize their digital media investment throughout the campaign to make NPP more efficient with their reduced budget.

Crossix Approach

Crossix measured the five publishers where the client ran their campaign: three endemic HCP Sites and two programmatic partners. Using insights from Crossix, the brand was able to optimize media throughout the campaign both across and within publishers at the placement-level.

By connecting multiple data sets to identify HCPs across different organizations and locations, Crossix measures HCP media with greater precision and scale. Our distributed data network technology enables the connection of multiple data sets in a privacy-safe, HIPAA-compliant manner.

Identify HCPs

The brand segmented their Target List HCPs based on prescribing behavior and number of sales calls. Surprisingly, they identified two segments that were most influenced by digital promotions:

  • High prescribers with limited sales force coverage
  • Those who were seen by sales reps but prescribing the therapy at lower rates

This presented a significant opportunity for the brand to shift spend to engage HCPs most influenced by media.

Determine Publisher Impact and Cost Efficiency

Crossix provided the brand monthly media reports in the Crossix HCP Digital application, analyzing cross-publisher impact and side-by-side comparisons of publisher cost efficiency.

Crossix determined that there was tremendous variability in both conversion rates and effective cost per conversion across publishers. Programmatic Publisher B and Endemic Publisher A drive the most cost-effective new patient starts and recommended the pharma brand shift more of their media investment to these cost-efficient publishers.

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